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 180cm (6ft) C/Ku-Band Prime Focus Mesh Satellite Dish


High performance 180cm (6ft) C/Ku-Band polar mount prime focus mesh satellite dish. If you do NOT have room for a larger antenna but still want to dabble in c-band satellite, then this is the perfect dish for you!

This C/Ku-band satellite dish is compact and lightweight. It can be mounted in a backyard patio, apartment balcony or on the side or roof of your house just like a smaller ku-band dish. Forget about using a conical scalar ring to turn your ku-band dish into a c-band dish because it will NOT work! Buy this dish instead and receive both bands!

This dish size will lock approximately 50% of North American c-band satellite broadcasts. In fact, it will receive almost ALL standard definition DVB-S signals and probably 25% of high-definition DVB-S2 signals depending on your location. You will also receive almost all ku-band satellite signals. Luckily, most of the FTA transponders over North America put out a strong signal.

It can be used as a stationary antenna (includes lock down bar) or fully motorized with an actuator (not included) to track multiple satellites. The aesthetic appeal of this mesh dish makes it perfect for urban areas where space is restricted but reliable c/ku-band reception is required.

Note: This is our latest model with heavy-duty mount, superior steel construction, larger arm, and thicker gauge steel for minimal slop. Field proven and reliable or your money back!

Note: Requires 3.0" O.D. mounting pole which is sold separately.

Note: This antenna is intended for residential use.

Note: Well received by home satellite TV enthusiasts. You can find a review of our mesh antennas at Satellite Guys

Note: For available channels, please see TVROSat


  • Precise parabolic shape
  • 4-panel construction for more precise geometry
  • Sturdy construction and light weight
  • Prime Focus quad feed support
  • Small hole(< 1.5mm) mesh ensures Ku-Band signal reception is just as reliable as C-Band signal reception
  • 1.0mm mesh thickness for strength


  • 4 Mesh Panels
  • Mounting Frame
  • 4 LNBF struts
  • Declination bracket
  • Lock Down Bar
  • Mounting nuts and bolts
  • Feed Cover

Price: $799.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Pole Mount

 3ft C-Band Dish Pole (Square Base)
    [add $139.00 USD]
 Wall Mount Pole (3.0 inch O.D.)
    [add $199.00 USD]


2. Feed

 Linear C/Ku-Band Combo LNBF
    [add $99.00 USD]
 Linear C-Band Dual Output LNBF
    [add $75.00 USD]
 Linear C-Band Dual Output (5G) LNBF
    [add $99.00 USD]


3. Motorization

 24-inch Linear SuperJack Actuator
    [add $169.00 USD]


4. Positioner



5. Positioner Cable



6. Coaxial Cable



7. Receiver



(ETA: Discontinued)


Antenna Construction 
Material Aluminum Mesh
Hole size 0.06" (1.5mm)
Panels 4
Rib size 0.75" (1.9cm) sq.
Feed Support Rods 4
Strut Length 43.5" (110.5cm)
Strut Mount 9.0" (22.9cm) from rim on panel face
Aperture Diameter (inner) 71" (180cm)
Focal Length 28.5" (72.4cm)
F/D Ratio 0.40
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Color Black / Glossy Black
Weight 45 lbs
C-Band Gain(@4.2GHz) 36.3dBi (Typ)
Ku_band Gain(@12.2GHz) 44.4dBi (Typ)
C-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth 2.9
Ku-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth 1.3
Mounting Type Polar Mount
Polar Frame Size 16" (40.6cm) diameter
Elevation Angle Range 0 to 90
Azimuth Range 0 to 360
Declination Adjustment 0 to 10
Recommended Pole Dimension 2.75" - 3.0" (70mm - 76mm)
Rod Mount Mount on panel face 5.5" (14.0cm) from rim
Operational Winds 90km/h
Survival Winds 150km/h
Ambient Temperature -50C to +60C
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Shipping Details 
Box 1 (Mount) 20"x20"x5" Rectangular (25 lbs)
Box 2 (Panels) 36"x36"x5" Pie (20 lbs)

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