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 C/Ku-Band CoRotor II Feed with Servo Motor


This LNBF has the Ku-Band dipole antenna at the mouth of the waveguide and the C-Band dipole antenna at the back. Both are rotated between Vertical and Horizontal polarities by a stepper motor.

The cylindrical waveguide of this LNBF has been optimized for C-Band signals, while the dipole corner reflector Ku-Band antenna at the mouth of the waveguide has been optimized for Ku-Band signal reception. The stepper motor allows you to precisely align both dipole antennas for optimum directionality and polarity skew adjustment.

It works with C and Ku-Band LNBs manufactured by companies such as Norsat and is intended for commerical satellite systems or for satellite hobbyists.

Please note that most digital FTA receivers do not support stepper motor control which means you will have to design your own controller. This product will increase both C and Ku-Band performance but is only recommended for electronics hobbyists!


  • Precision cast-aluminum construction


  • C/Ku-Band Corotor II Feed with Servo Motor
  • Scalar Ring
  • Mounting Screws

Price: $99.00 USD

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Material Aluminum
Finish Durable flake-resistant coating
Shipping Details 
Single Box 10"x7"x5" Rectangular (3 lbs)

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