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 Positioner Cable (18 AWG) for Linear Actuator


Belden 4 wire-18 AWG stranded copper conductors with polyolefin insulation, aluminum foil shield and PVC jacket with ripcord intended for wiring your linear actuator to move your C-Band dish.

Recommended for actuators powered by 36V DC (Max. 4 Amps) positioners and cable runs not exceeding 250ft.

For cable runs longer than 250ft, please purchase Belden 4 wire-16 AWG cable to minimize voltage drop and reed-sensor errors.

This cable is cut-to-length and price is quoted in USD/ft.


  • 4 conductors plus ground (green, red, black, white)
  • 18 AWG 7x26 stranding
  • Beldfoil shield and PVC jacket with ripcord


  • Cut-to-length Cable

Price: $0.90 USD

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Technical Specifications 
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Number of conductors 4 (red, white, green, red)
Shielded Yes (aluminum foil)
Stranding 7x26
PVC Jacket Color Dark Grey
Mechanical Characteristics 
Bulk Cable Weight 30 lbs/1000 ft
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 103 lbs
Temperature Range -40C to +75C
Electrical Characteristics 
Max. Operating Voltage 300V RMS
Max. Operating Current 4 Amps RMS
Single Box Rectangular

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