Commercial Grade 5G Anti-Interference Feed Systems

Lost your C-band satellite signals because of 5G wireless interference? No problem. Tek2000 now carries a wide variety of commercial grade orthogonal feed systems and components that will clear up your satellite reception in no time!

5G interference is caused by the undesired combining of several stronger RF carriers (e.g. f1, f2, f3, …) from one band (3.5 – 3.8 GHz) entering a nonlinear device (e.g. LNA, LNB) and producing unwanted frequencies in an adjacent band (3.8 – 4.2 GHz) that interferes with a much weaker c-band signal (e.g. fc-band). The nonlinear device causes harmonics to appear at the output: 2xf2-f1, 2xf3-f2, 2xf3-f1, etc. This is known as intermodulation distortion and is the reason why your c-band satellite reception will be lost if there are 5G transmitters in your vicinity.

Here is an example:

5G RF carriers: f1=3.5 GHz, f2=3.7 GHz, f3=3.75 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf2-f1=3.9 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf3-f2=3.8 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf3-f1=4.0 GHz

Notice the resulting c-band interference at 3.8, 3.9 and 4.0 GHz. In reality, the 5G wireless provider may be using dozens if not hundreds of different carrier frequencies between 3.5-3.8 GHz, which will result in intermodulation distortion across the entire upper c-band spectrum.

The only practical solution to this problem is to suppress the 5G carriers. This can be done either with an LNB microstrip filter or mechanical waveguide filter or a combination of both. LNB filters are effective for mitigating light 5G interference that is off-boresight. To mitigate much stronger 5G interference that is closer to boresight, a waveguide filter is necessary to suppress the interference before it enters the LNB and passes through any nonlinear devices.

If you are a TV or Radio station and already have an orthomode feed system, then all you need to purchase is our waveguide post filter. You can use it with the conventional LNBs that your already own and it will likely mitigate your 5G interference without further action. Best of all, unlike our competitors, we sell the waveguide filter at a price point that won’t break the bank!

If you require the orthomode feed assembly, then we have two solutions:

  1. 5G Light Mitigation Feed System (Dual or Single)
  2. 5G Strong Mitigation Feed System (Dual or Single)

We also encourage backyard satellite TV enthusiast to upgrade to a commercial grade orthomode feed system if they are experiencing 5G interference. It is the best method for mitigating 5G interference and you can continue using your c-band satellite dish!