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Learn how to install a BIG satellite dish so you can receive over 2,000 TV and radio channels for FREE!!



Complete big dish systems available for Home Satellite TV consumers. For less than the cost of a one year cable subscription, get your own big dish and start watching thousands of channels and master feeds for FREE!!


Attention TV station managers and engineers: We now carry extra-heavy-duty antennas for commercial applications. We carry both solid and mesh commercial antennas ranging in size from 10' to 16' and in various mount styles. DO NOT overpay for your antennas - FREIGHT SHIPPED to your door for less!!


Non-Penetration roof mounts for both consumer and commercial applications are now available. Modular trays are available for any configuration. Pyramid Base or King Post is mounted at the center. Use extra trays to spread the load over your roof.


Paypal credit and financing available at checkout for credit worthy buyers. Pay as little as $39 per month for a consumer c-band dish and start watching TV today!