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 230cm (7.5ft) C/Ku-Band Mesh Dish Starter Kit


We have put together a complete satellite package for novices who want to receive the maximum number of digital satellite channels available in North America using the best electronic equipment at the lowest possible price!

Take the guess work out of which dish to buy, which actuator/motor you need, which LNBF works with which dish and which receiver is the best for receiving various kinds of programming.

For less than the cost of 6 months of an average cable/satellite subscription, your new satellite system will receive over 1000 channels, including all major networks, specialty channels, news channels, sports channels, ethnic channels, countless wild feeds and premium channels that are occasionally broadcast unencrypted!

Note: This is our latest model with heavy-duty mount, superior steel construction, larger arm, and thicker gauge steel for minimal slop. Field proven and reliable or your money back!

Note: Requires 3.5" O.D. mounting pole which is sold separately.

Note: Requires a modern DVB-S2 satellite receiver. We recommend a Linux/Enigma2 satellite receiver which is sold separately.

Note: This antenna is intended for residential use.

Note: Well received by home satellite TV enthusiasts. You can find a review of our mesh antennas at Satellite Guys

Note: For available channels, please see TVROSat

Important: This item ships by sea freight only. Shipping charges will be quoted depending on your delivery location and for this item start as low as $499 USD.

Important: This item must be fully prepaid by bank wire transfer only. Credit card and other form of payments are not accepted.

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Important: You are responsible for arranging and paying for local delivery after customs release (~ $100 USD) unless you pickup yourself. Larger antennas are bulky and shipped in wooden crates so we suggest arranging delivery with a trucking firm.

Important: Finally, we will provide you with the contact information of a local shipping agent. This agent will let you know when your shipment is due for arrival and can expedite your shipment through customs and arrange for delivery to your home/business. You simply cut them a check for all charges and they take care of the rest!


  • 240cm (8ft) polar mount parabolic mesh reflector
  • 36-inch HARL SuperJack actuator capable of tracking the entire satellite arc from 15W to 139W
  • Accurate and reliable DiseqC1.2 positioner with re-synchronize function
  • High gain C/Ku-Band combo LNBF ensures reception of even the weakest transponders
  • Includes digital inclinometer for quick and effortless alignment of dish


  • 240cm (8ft) Mesh Dish
  • C/Ku Combo LNBF (Pro Broadband)
  • 36-inch QARL Regular Duty Actuator with weather boot
  • SuperJack DiseqC1.2 Positioner
  • Digital Inclinometer

Price: $1999.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Packaging

 Small Wooden Crate
    [add $100.00 USD]


2. Pole Mount

 4ft C-Band Dish Pole (Pyramid Base)
    [add $299.00 USD]
 4ft C-Band Dish Pole (Square Base)
    [add $249.00 USD]
 4ft C-Band Dish Pole (In Ground)
    [add $349.00 USD]
 Wall Mount Pole (3.5 inch O.D.)
    [add $259.00 USD]


3. Meter

 SatHero 100HD DVB-S2 Satellite Finder
    [add $149.00 USD]
 SatHero 900HD DVB-S2 Satellite Meter and Spectrum Analyzer
    [add $439.00 USD]


4. Positioner Cable



5. Coaxial Cable



6. Additional Feed

 Linear C-Band Dual Output (5G) LNBF
    [add $129.00 USD]
 Dual C-Band (5G) Orthogonal Feedhorn with mini LNBs
    [add $299.00 USD]
 Dual C-Band (5G) Orthogonal Feedhorn with waveguide post filter and mini LNB
    [add $699.00 USD]


7. Switch

 13-18 Voltage Switch
    [add $29.00 USD]
 4x1 DiseqC Switch
    [add $30.00 USD]
 8x1 DiseqC Switch
    [add $80.00 USD]
 3x4 Power Passing Multi-switch
    [add $60.00 USD]


8. Scalar Ring

 C-Band Prime Focus Scalar Ring
    [add $35.00 USD]
 C-Band Dual Focus Scalar Ring
    [add $79.00 USD]
 C-Band Quad Focus Scalar Ring
    [add $99.00 USD]


9. Receiver



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Parabolic Reflector 
Material Aluminum Mesh
Hole size 0.06" (1.5mm)
Panels 4
Rib size 1" (2.54cm) sq.
Aperture Diameter (inner) 90" (230cm)
Focal Length 35.75" (90.8cm)
F/D Ratio 0.40
C-Band Gain(@4.2GHz) 38.1dBi (Typ)
Ku_band Gain(@12.2GHz) 46.1dBi (Typ)
Mounting Type Polar Mount
Recommended Pole Diameter 3.5" (89.0mm) pole
Finish Black Polyester Powder Coating
Weight 75 lbs
C/Ku-Band Combo LNBF 
Polarity Linear Vertical and Horizontal
C-Band L.O. 5150 MHz
C-Band RF Input 3.4 - 4.2 GHz
C-Band Gain ~70dB
C-Band Noise Figure ~13K
Ku-Band L.O. 9.75 and 10.6 GHz
Ku-Band RF Input 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
Ku-Band Gain ~65dB
Ku-Band Noise Figure ~0.2dB
Actuator Length 36" (91cm)
Maximum Arc Tracking 100 degrees
Maximum Satellite Positions 99

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