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 Digital Inclinometer


Use this digital inclinometer to properly align your C-Band dish within minutes!

Take the guess work out of adjusting the elevation and declination offset of your satellite dish. Simply place the magnetic inclinometer on your elevation screw and adjust the elevation for your latitude. Then place it on the back of the dish frame and adjust your declination offset. Voila, your dish will now be perfectly aligned to within 0.05 for tracking the geostationary satellite arc.

Save time and take the frustration out of aligning your dish by using our digital inclinometer!


  • Resolution of 0.05 degrees
  • Built-in Magnet
  • Readout automatically flips


  • Digital Inclinometer
  • Mini Screw Driver
  • Batteries

Price: $49.00 USD

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Single Box 4"x3"x2" Rectangular (< 1 lbs)

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