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 4.5-inch to 5.5-inch O.D. Pole Adapter


Designed specifically for adapting a 4.5-inch O.D. steel pole to fit our 400cm (13.5-ft) dish which requires a 5.5-inch O.D. pole.

Many larger commercial dishes are typically mounted on 5.5-inch O.D. poles. If you want to install such a dish and want to save yourself the expense and hassle of installing a new pole, you can use this inexpensive pole adapter instead.

The pole adapter is finished in gloss-black and is chip and rust resistant and includes 9 bolts.


  • Heavy-duty Steel Construction
  • Nuts welded all around for strength
  • 7/16-inch wall thickness


  • Pole Adapter
  • 9 Bolts (M16)

Price: $249.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Inclinometer

 Digital Inclinometer
    [add $119.00 USD]


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Steel Pole Adapter 
Material Steel
Height 24-inches (61.0cm)
Inside Diameter 4.7 inches (11.9cm)
Outside Diameter 5.5 inches (14.0cm)
Thickness 0.40 inches (1.0cm)
Finish Gloss-black
Cap Bolts 
Heavy-duty bolt size M16 (0.63-inch)
Shipping Details 
Box 1 28"x8"x8" (40 lbs)

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