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 Dual Output C-Band Feedhorn


This is a dual output orthogonal C-Band feed horn used for simultaneous reception of Vertical and Horizontal microwaves.

It separates the vertical and horizontal polarities and conducts them to their own rectangular waveguides. Accepts regular or mini size LNBs (sold separately) at the waveguide openings.

Note: This feed horn setup is typically used by cable head-ends to allow switching of both polarities to multiple decoders/receivers. Home satellite users need to add a 2x1 voltage switch (sold separately below).

Note: Accepts regular (wide band) or 5G anti-interference (narrow band) LNBs and waveguide post filters (sold separately below).


  • Precision cast-aluminum construction
  • Thick, commercial quality scalar ring
  • Fits under most feed covers


  • Dual Mode C-Band Feedhorn
  • Scalar Ring
  • Mounting Screws

Price: $179.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. LNB

 Gardiner C-Band Single Output Ortho LNB
    [add $80.00 USD]
 C-Band Single Output (5G) Ortho LNB
    [add $100.00 USD]


2. Switch

 13-18 Voltage Switch
    [add $29.00 USD]


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Material Aluminum
Color Coffee brown
Finish Durable flake-resistant coating
Shipping Details 
Single Box 10"x6"x6" Rectangular (< 4 lbs)

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