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 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount (6 Trays) with 4.5 inch O.D. Pyramid Mast


This is a non-penetrating mount for ground and roof top site installations.

Designed for mounting our 10-ft or 12-ft mesh antennas. It includes 6 tray modules with pads, 4.5 inch O.D. and 6-ft high pyramid base mast.

Heavy gauge steel fabrication, chip and rust resistant, gloss-black finish.

Note: This is a consumer grade NPRM intended for our consumer grade antennas. For commercial antennas, please purchase the heavy-duty NPRM with King Post.

Note: Use 16" x 8" x 8" concrete blocks (36 lbs each) as ballast to weigh down trays.

Note: Minimum 1400 lbs ballast weight recommended for our 10-ft Mesh Antenna and 1800 lbs recommended for our 12-ft Mesh Antenna. Increase ballast weight by 50% for solid antennas of the same size.

Note: To minimize roof load, purchase additional modular trays and spread the load.

Note: Modular "T" assembly is shown. Can also be assembled in modular "I" form. Note: Antenna and concrete blocks are NOT included.


  • Economical solution for mounting antennas on roof
  • Expandable using modular trays (T or I expansion)
  • 4.5 inch O.D. Pole
  • 6-ft high Pole Mast
  • Heavy gauge steel fabrication
  • Tested for survivability


  • Six Modular Trays
  • Pyramid Base Pole Mast
  • Three steel base anchors
  • One inch Styrofoam Pads
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Bubble Level

Price: $1999.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Inclinometer

 Digital Inclinometer
    [add $119.00 USD]


(ETA: Unknown due to Supply Chain Disruption)


Modular Tray 
Material Steel
Dimensions 4ft x 2ft (121.9cm x 60.1cm)
Thickness 0.24 inches (0.61cm)
Weight 100 lbs
Finish Gloss-black
Steel Post 
Material Steel
Height 6ft (182.9cm)
Outside Diameter 4.5 inches (11.4cm)
Thickness 0.24 inches (0.61cm)
Weight 70 lbs
Finish Gloss-black
Pyramid Base 
Material Steel
Width 24 inches (61.0cm)
Height 36 inches (91.4cm)
Weight 70 lbs
Finish Gloss-black
Anchor Bolts 
Coupling bolt size 3/4 inches (1.91cm)
Modular Tray bolt size 5/8 inches (1.59cm)
Pyramid Pole bolt size 1/2 inches (1.27cm)
Shipping Details 
Box 1 50"x6"x6" (72 lbs)
Box 2 50"x6"x6" (72 lbs)
Box 3 50"x6"x6" (72 lbs)
Box 4 50"x6"x6" (72 lbs)
Box 5 24"x20"x4" (66 lbs)
Box 6 24"x20"x4" (66 lbs)
Box 7 24"x20"x4" (66 lbs)
Box 8 24"x20"x4" (66 lbs)
Box 9 24"x20"x4" (40 lbs)
Box 10 62"x8"x8" (70 lbs)
Box 11 30"x20"x4" (70 lbs)
Box 12 48"x24"x3" (20 lbs)

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