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 Coaxial Cable (RG6) for Satellite Dish


Belden RG6, 18 AWG solid copper-covered steel inner conductor with Duobond quad shielding coaxial cable for superior transmission of C/Ku-Band satellite signals.

Recommended for cable runs not exceeding 250ft. For cable runs longer than 200ft, please purchase Belden RG11 14 AWG coaxial cable to minimize signal attenuation and maximize the carrier-to-noise ratio.

This cable is cut-to-length and price is quoted in USD/ft.


  • Cut-to-Length Cable
  • F-connectors crimped on both ends


  • RG6 Coaxial Cable
  • Two F-Connectors

Price: $1.95 USD

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Technical Specification 
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Number of conductors 1
Shielded Yes (Aluminum Braid)
PVC Jacket Color Black
Mechanical Characteristics 
Bulk Cable Weight 29 lbs/1000 ft
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 162 lbs
Min. Bend Radius 3 inches
Temperature Range -40C to +80C
Electrical Characteristics 
Impedance 75 Ohms
Conductor DC Resistance 28 Ohms/1000ft
Outer Shield DC Resistance 4.8 Ohms/1000ft
Max Voltage 300 V RMS
300 MHz 3.43 dB/100ft
550 MHz 4.71 dB/100ft
750 MHz 5.59 dB/100ft
1000 MHz 6.54 dB/100ft
Single Box Rectangular

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