4K C-Band Satellite Dish Packages Available

We now have C-Band Mesh Dish Packages available with 4K satellite receivers. Our 10′ and 12′ dishes now come with the ZGemma H7 4K satellite receiver. If you wish to view 4K programming content, we highly recommend purchasing a larger dish.

Our smaller 8′ dish packages now come with the ZGemma H5 HD receiver. If you wish to upgrade to a 4K receiver for your 8′ dish package, please contact us.

The ZGemma line of receivers are state-of-the-art Linux Enigma 2 stbs and will out-perform all other types of FTA receivers on the market. They are superior to most digital receivers offered by cable and satellite subscription providers. For more information on these receivers and how to use them to receive c-band satellite programming, please go here:




  1. whats the price tag on this and is installation available or included in the price?

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