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Help for Florida Residents


If you are a TV or radio station manager in Florida and your TVROs sustained serious damage during hurricane Irma, we can assist you with replacing them. We are fully stocked with heavy-duty 12′ and 13.5′ antennas and can get them to you within 4 business days! No need to call us and ask about stock because we got a whole warehouse full!
We also stock heavy-duty poles for both 12′ and 13.5′ antennas which are not listed in our store yet. The 12′ takes a 4.5″ O.D. pole and the 13.5′ takes a 5.5″ O.D. pole. The base is square with 4 welded triangles and the pole is further stabilized under the dish collar with 4 rigid struts that anchor into the ground. Hurrican Irma won’t be messing with you again!
If you are a resident of Florida and your consumer TVRO got damaged or destroyed, please contact us and we’ll quote you a good price to get you back up and running. We carry 6′, 8′ and 10′ consumer TVROs in addition to the 12′ and 13.5′.