Powered Motor Control

Anti-slip actuator clamp locks
Powered Azimuth Kit
Powered Declination Kit
Powered Skew Kit

We now have a variety of motorization options for our c-band mesh antennas in addition to some new products.

First off, if your polar actuator is slipping under high wind loads, you may wish to purchase a couple of anti-slip clamp locks show above.

Second, in addition to polar motorization and elevation motorization using a linear actuator, we also offer the following kits for additional axis motorization:

  1. Powered Azimuth: Simply mount this kit on your pole and mount the antenna on the kit and you will have 360 degrees of very precise powered azimuth control.
  2. Powered Declination: Simply replace the manual declination brackets with this kit and you will have 5-10 degrees of powered declination offset control.
  3. Powered Skew: Simply replace the 4 antenna struts with this kit and you will have a heavy-duty, motorized skew control.

The declination kits utilizes a linear actuator while the azimuth and skew utilize a slewing drive and 24V DC motor with Hall Effect sensor. More technical information and pinouts for the motor can be found on our website. The various powered kits installed on our 12-ft commercial mesh dish are shown below.

Consumer and Commercial Mesh Antennas are available again

We are now shipping 7.5′, 10′, 12′ consumer mesh polar mount antennas as well as 10′, 12′, 15′ commercial mesh polar mount antennas. We also carry 16′-20′ commercial mesh fixed mount antennas. All antennas are new and improved 2022 models.

To view available models, prices and design specifications, please follow the links below:

Consumer Mesh Antennas

Commercial Mesh Antennas

To get a quote on any product, please visit:


Commercial Grade 5G Anti-Interference Feed Systems

Lost your C-band satellite signals because of 5G wireless interference? No problem. Tek2000 now carries a wide variety of commercial grade orthogonal feed systems and components that will clear up your satellite reception in no time!

5G interference is caused by the undesired combining of several stronger RF carriers (e.g. f1, f2, f3, …) from one band (3.5 – 3.8 GHz) entering a nonlinear device (e.g. LNA, LNB) and producing unwanted frequencies in an adjacent band (3.8 – 4.2 GHz) that interferes with a much weaker c-band signal (e.g. fc-band). The nonlinear device causes harmonics to appear at the output: 2xf2-f1, 2xf3-f2, 2xf3-f1, etc. This is known as intermodulation distortion and is the reason why your c-band satellite reception will be lost if there are 5G transmitters in your vicinity.

Here is an example:

5G RF carriers: f1=3.5 GHz, f2=3.7 GHz, f3=3.75 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf2-f1=3.9 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf3-f2=3.8 GHz

Interference Output: 2xf3-f1=4.0 GHz

Notice the resulting c-band interference at 3.8, 3.9 and 4.0 GHz. In reality, the 5G wireless provider may be using dozens if not hundreds of different carrier frequencies between 3.5-3.8 GHz, which will result in intermodulation distortion across the entire upper c-band spectrum.

The only practical solution to this problem is to suppress the 5G carriers. This can be done either with an LNB microstrip filter or mechanical waveguide filter or a combination of both. LNB filters are effective for mitigating light 5G interference that is off-boresight. To mitigate much stronger 5G interference that is closer to boresight, a waveguide filter is necessary to suppress the interference before it enters the LNB and passes through any nonlinear devices.

If you are a TV or Radio station and already have an orthomode feed system, then all you need to purchase is our waveguide post filter. You can use it with the conventional LNBs that your already own and it will likely mitigate your 5G interference without further action. Best of all, unlike our competitors, we sell the waveguide filter at a price point that won’t break the bank!

If you require the orthomode feed assembly, then we have two solutions:

  1. 5G Light Mitigation Feed System (Dual or Single)
  2. 5G Strong Mitigation Feed System (Dual or Single)

We also encourage backyard satellite TV enthusiast to upgrade to a commercial grade orthomode feed system if they are experiencing 5G interference. It is the best method for mitigating 5G interference and you can continue using your c-band satellite dish!

5G Anti-interference Consumer LNBFs Available

If you are experiencing 5G interference with your C-band antenna you can get your reception back with our new 5G Anti-interference Consumer Dual Output LNBF! Click here.

The passband for this LNBF is 3.8-4.2 GHz.

Please note that this LNBF works well if you are experiencing light interference on a few transponder over the satellite arc. If you are experiencing extremely heavy interference where almost every transponder is affected, you will need our commercial waveguide filter with sharp bandpass frequency cutoff response to solve your problem. Recommended for TV and Radio stations.

Some 8ft Mesh Polar Mount Antennas are Available

We have a few 8 foot mesh polar mount dishes available. They are the most recent model (2019). You can purchase the antenna by itself or the complete motorized kit. We also have buried poles, king posts and pyramid base poles for these antennas. If anyone is interested, you can purchase here

8ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish Only

8ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish with 36-inch Actuator, Controller, C/Ku LNBF (complete motorized kit)


Once these are gone there are no more due to the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, not to mention the weaker economy. 

We sold several hundred of these over the years to backyard enthusiasts and feed back was generally very good. This dish is small enough that you won’t get hassled by your neighbours, but large enough to lock almost every transponder over North America.

12ft Mesh Dish (Floor Model) Available at Discounted Price

Own a piece of TVRO history!

Our 12ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish floor model is for sale. The asking price is $1799 USD shipped anywhere in the continental USA or Canada. Perfect for that small TV/Radio station on a budget or the backyard enthusiast who wants a large dish without breaking the bank!

We used this dish to take pictures of the 12ft mesh dish models which were posted on our website, affiliate websites, Amazon, ebay, etc! The dish mount is brand new (unopened box). It is the latest model mount with dual screw declination, elevation bracket and thick gauge steel construction. The panels are from a 2017 production run, but we never changed anything in subsequent productions runs, except to drill multiple feed strut holes in the ribs. You can drill any additional feed strut holes yourself with a standard drill.

Now, we did perform some modifications to these panels:

1. We drilled two small holes in the mesh of one of the panels for passing the coax cable;

2. There were some additional small holes drilled in the lip of some of the panels for mounting an experimental dish shroud. They are very small and have since been painted over.

That’s it! Besides those two modifications, it is like brand new. It has never been exposed to the elements, there are no tears in the mesh and they are still shiny gloss black.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email (sales@tek2000.com) and we will reply with a payment link. We also got buried poles, pyramid base poles and King posts available for this dish. Even NPRM for radio or TV stations that want to install on a roof. You can also motorize it with our 36-inch actuator and controller. Let us know if you need the extras so we can quote you.

Some 8ft Solid Dishes are Available

There were a few of those over sized 8 foot solid dishes at the back of the warehouse. I noticed them last week as we moved some other inventory. They are exactly the same as the ones we were selling since 2017 and are the most recent model, except they come with a black King post instead of the gray one. I can substitute the King post for a buried post or pyramid base if requested. All of the posts are gloss black. If anyone is interested, you can purchase here:

8ft Solid Polar Mount Dish with King Post Only
http://www.tek2000.com/cgi-bin/web.cgi? … %20Dish-ND

8ft Solid Polar Mount Dish with King Post, 36-inch Actuator, Controller, C/Ku LNBF (complete motorized kit)
http://www.tek2000.com/cgi-bin/web.cgi? … r%20Kit-ND

Once these are gone there are no more due to the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, not to mention the weaker economy. 

We sold several hundred of these over the years to backyard enthusiasts and feed back was generally very good. This dish is small enough that you won’t get hassled by your neighbours, but large enough to lock almost every transponder over North America.

EZTrack Positioners in stock

We now have the EZTracker C band dish positioner in stock. This is a manual positioner with 99 programmable memories, short circuit and overload protection, anti-noise circuit to avoid miscounts and re-sync function.

Use it to move your 6ft, 8ft, 10ft or 12ft C band satellite dish so you can track the entire satellite arc for maximum program reception.

It retails for $129 USD and you can find it in our store here.