Powered Motor Control

Anti-slip actuator clamp locks
Powered Azimuth Kit
Powered Declination Kit
Powered Skew Kit

We now have a variety of motorization options for our c-band mesh antennas in addition to some new products.

First off, if your polar actuator is slipping under high wind loads, you may wish to purchase a couple of anti-slip clamp locks show above.

Second, in addition to polar motorization and elevation motorization using a linear actuator, we also offer the following kits for additional axis motorization:

  1. Powered Azimuth: Simply mount this kit on your pole and mount the antenna on the kit and you will have 360 degrees of very precise powered azimuth control.
  2. Powered Declination: Simply replace the manual declination brackets with this kit and you will have 5-10 degrees of powered declination offset control.
  3. Powered Skew: Simply replace the 4 antenna struts with this kit and you will have a heavy-duty, motorized skew control.

The declination kits utilizes a linear actuator while the azimuth and skew utilize a slewing drive and 24V DC motor with Hall Effect sensor. More technical information and pinouts for the motor can be found on our website. The various powered kits installed on our 12-ft commercial mesh dish are shown below.