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Some 8ft Mesh Polar Mount Antennas are Available

We have a few 8 foot mesh polar mount dishes available. They are the most recent model (2019). You can purchase the antenna by itself or the complete motorized kit. We also have buried poles, king posts and pyramid base poles for these antennas. If anyone is interested, you can purchase here

8ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish Only

8ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish with 36-inch Actuator, Controller, C/Ku LNBF (complete motorized kit)


Once these are gone there are no more due to the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, not to mention the weaker economy. 

We sold several hundred of these over the years to backyard enthusiasts and feed back was generally very good. This dish is small enough that you won’t get hassled by your neighbours, but large enough to lock almost every transponder over North America.

12ft Mesh Dish (Floor Model) Available at Discounted Price

Own a piece of TVRO history!

Our 12ft Mesh Polar Mount Dish floor model is for sale. The asking price is $1799 USD shipped anywhere in the continental USA or Canada. Perfect for that small TV/Radio station on a budget or the backyard enthusiast who wants a large dish without breaking the bank!

We used this dish to take pictures of the 12ft mesh dish models which were posted on our website, affiliate websites, Amazon, ebay, etc! The dish mount is brand new (unopened box). It is the latest model mount with dual screw declination, elevation bracket and thick gauge steel construction. The panels are from a 2017 production run, but we never changed anything in subsequent productions runs, except to drill multiple feed strut holes in the ribs. You can drill any additional feed strut holes yourself with a standard drill.

Now, we did perform some modifications to these panels:

1. We drilled two small holes in the mesh of one of the panels for passing the coax cable;

2. There were some additional small holes drilled in the lip of some of the panels for mounting an experimental dish shroud. They are very small and have since been painted over.

That’s it! Besides those two modifications, it is like brand new. It has never been exposed to the elements, there are no tears in the mesh and they are still shiny gloss black.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email (sales@tek2000.com) and we will reply with a payment link. We also got buried poles, pyramid base poles and King posts available for this dish. Even NPRM for radio or TV stations that want to install on a roof. You can also motorize it with our 36-inch actuator and controller. Let us know if you need the extras so we can quote you.

Antenna shipments to EU countries are now covered by CETA

C-Band Satellite Antenna
Sea Freight Shipment to Europe
EU destined shipments covered by CETA

ATTENTION TV stations, cable companies and c-band satellite TV enthusiasts in EUROPE: C-band antenna shipments to EU member countries are now covered by CETA (Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement). This new Canada-Europe trade agreement eliminates almost all tariffs on our antenna products!

Owing to a low Canadian dollar and free trade to EU member countries, Tek2000 is uniquely positioned to supply EU member customers with high quality antenna products at very affordable prices. We design and stock our own antenna products in Canada, so whether you need a single antenna or a hundred, we got you covered.

Don’t let the freight charges scare you away. The cost of sea freight shipping to Western Europe today is almost as low as truck freight shipping to the USA for the same antenna shipment and it usually takes less than 15 days to arrive at your nearest port.

We stock both consumer and commercial antennas in a wide range of sizes: 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 13.5 ft and 15 ft.

Contact us for your quote today!

Arrival of 2018 Mesh Dish Models


I’ve been informed this morning that several containers full of mesh antennas have arrived in the port of Vancouver. They have been grounded and will be trucked to our warehouse in Ontario within 2 weeks. After that, all backorders will start shipping out. These are the latest designs (2018 models) and include 12′, 10′, 8′ and 6′ dish sizes and np roof mounts, pole adapters and tall poles. I will start emailing tracking numbers to everyone next week if you ordered these products, but keep in mind they will only track once they are actually dispatched from our warehouse.

We are still taking pre-orders on these antennas for a few more days. We sold more antennas than anticipated this winter (mostly to Florida and the Caribbean) and anticipate strong spring sales too. I ordered 25% more mesh dish stock for this year, but I can’t guarantee they will last to the end of the year. If they don’t last, hopefully I will have solid antennas in stock later in the year. But if your preference is mesh, then March/April/May is an excellent time of year to install these!

Thanks to everyone who supports us. Without you, the modern TVRO revolution would NOT be possible!

Big Dishes on the way!


We have several containers full of 6ft, 8ft, 12ft and 13.5ft mesh antennas on the way to our warehouse. We also have 8ft and 10ft solid dishes coming, as well as a custom designed 1.2m polar mount, actuator driven ku-band offset antenna.

We expect all the antennas to arrive in our warehouse by the middle of March as we prepare for the busy spring and summer season ahead!!! We currently have hundreds of 10ft mesh antennas in stock which are shipping out daily.

Cut the cord this spring and help make TVRO great again!!!

10ft Mesh Polar Mount Dishes are now back in stock!

We received several hundred of them but they will go fast! This is now our most popular TVRO dish size and will receive 100% of American and Canadian master programming, including the popular 45 HD FTA channels on 97W. It will also receive 90% of Latin American channels and you will be able to hunt the latest 16APSK and 32APSK (HD and UHD) feeds which are mostly FTA.

This is our 6th generation model with subtle improvements to the frame to make it even stronger and with new brackets to support motorized declination, elevation and azimuth.

Order today!