Tek2000 Launches New E-Commerce Website

In order to serve our customers better, Tek2000 has launched a new, interactive e-commerce website! Our satellite products are now labelled as “consumer” or “commercial” to help our customers purchase the right antenna, whether it be for home satellite TV reception or for professional TV broadcasting. 

Please use the interactive menu on the left to navigate through our products.  Our checkout system now offers both regular courier and motor freight shipping options, along with estimated shipping costs based on your zip code.  International customers can request a quote for sea shipping during the checkout process.

Thank you to all our customers who have purchased from us in the past and we hope to see you again in our TVRO store in 2019!!

10ft Mesh Polar Mount Dishes are now back in stock!

We received several hundred of them but they will go fast! This is now our most popular TVRO dish size and will receive 100% of American and Canadian master programming, including the popular 45 HD FTA channels on 97W. It will also receive 90% of Latin American channels and you will be able to hunt the latest 16APSK and 32APSK (HD and UHD) feeds which are mostly FTA.

This is our 6th generation model with subtle improvements to the frame to make it even stronger and with new brackets to support motorized declination, elevation and azimuth.

Order today!