Dual-Ring 15-Foot Commercial Mesh Antennas in stock

We now have 15 footer commercial grade mesh antennas in stock. This is a our largest antenna size. It comes with a dual-ring, heavy-duty mount and 12 panels. Available in traditional polar mount for tracking the satellite arc and fixed mount. A fully motorized Az-El-Skew mount will be available early next year.

This antenna is intended for fringe C-band satellite TV reception, TV stations, multi-satellite reception (up to 7 adjacent satellites) amateur astronomy research, moon bounce experiments, deep space probe communications reception and much more!

Depending on the model, pricing begins in the low $3,000 USD range. It ships by motor freight only. Dock-to-dock shipping, or if you don’t have a dock, they will unload it in front of your property. We also ship internationally by sea freight.

Contact us for your quote today!