Antenna Production Suspended: Limited Inventory

Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus epidemic in China, we have been forced to suspend all production of our antennas. At this time, our supply chains in China have become disrupted and it is nearly impossible to obtain any raw materials or manufactured goods from that country.

We do not know when things will return to normal. Workers are not returning to factories. Ports are not shipping containers. The country is in complete lock down.

At this time we have limited inventory of 10′, 12′, 13.5′ and 15′ antennas. This inventory won’t last more than 1-2 months. We are out of stock on 6′ and 8′ antennas and have been for a while. Other products like controllers, actuators, feed horns and LNBs are in short supply too.

We contacted everyone who expressed an interest in purchasing our products in the last two weeks and let them know about the situation and reserved their orders. Now we are releasing a public statement so everyone knows about the pending shortages.

If you are a TV or Radio station manager and need a large antenna, please contact us and we will reserve it for you. If you are an amateur satellite enthusiast and were planning to install a C-band dish this spring, you may want to purchase your antenna sooner rather than later. If our web store indicates something is in stock, then we have it in our warehouse and you can order it immediately.

We hope the situation in China gets back to normal soon, but there is no guarantee of that happening. In the meantime, we are looking at other supply chain options, including domestic manufacturing of certain products.