Antenna shipments to EU countries are now covered by CETA

C-Band Satellite Antenna
Sea Freight Shipment to Europe
EU destined shipments covered by CETA

ATTENTION TV stations, cable companies and c-band satellite TV enthusiasts in EUROPE: C-band antenna shipments to EU member countries are now covered by CETA (Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement). This new Canada-Europe trade agreement eliminates almost all tariffs on our antenna products!

Owing to a low Canadian dollar and free trade to EU member countries, Tek2000 is uniquely positioned to supply EU member customers with high quality antenna products at very affordable prices. We design and stock our own antenna products in Canada, so whether you need a single antenna or a hundred, we got you covered.

Don’t let the freight charges scare you away. The cost of sea freight shipping to Western Europe today is almost as low as truck freight shipping to the USA for the same antenna shipment and it usually takes less than 15 days to arrive at your nearest port.

We stock both consumer and commercial antennas in a wide range of sizes: 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 13.5 ft and 15 ft.

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Edision OS mio+ 4K Satellite Receiver in stock

The Edision OS MIO+ 4K with OLED display is our latest satellite receiver (2019 model) capable of decoding 4K satellite tv transmissions!

This linux satellite receiver does it all and much more. It boasts true hardware blind scan, decodes multiple transport streams (T2MI), includes DVB-S2X and DVB-S2 dual tuners and can demodulate up to 32 APSK signals.

It is fully tested across the C-band and Ku-band North American satellite arc to ensure it can handle every type of signal available and comes flashed with the latest firmware and is programmed with all FTA transponders between 8°W – 139°W.

Order your Edision OS MIO+ 4K Satellite Receiver today!

Arrival of Commercial Grade Mesh Antennas

Our warehouse has received several containers of both consumer and commercial grade 10′, 12′, 13.5′ and 15′ Mesh Antennas. The consumer models are available in polar mount only, whereas the commercial models come in polar mount, fixed mount and Az-El mount (special order). The commercial models use more steel and aluminum and are primarily targeted at TV stations and others looking for heavy-duty antennas.

We are currently filling back orders. Orders will ship out chronologically. This will take about 2 weeks and after that new orders will ship out almost daily.

The lighter consumer antennas ship by economical UPS ground freight while the larger and heavier commercial antennas go by LTL truck freight which takes a bit longer. We also ship worldwide by sea freight. We can deliver these antennas to most international countries within 20 business days and at excellent rates.

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Single Orthomode Feeds in stock

We now carry single output orthogonal C-Band feed systems. They include a mini LNB which bolts to the end of the rectangular waveguide. We stock both the extended band (3.4 – 4.2 GHz) and anti-interference Wimax narrow band (3.7 – 4.2 GHz) type.

These commercial feeds are designed to receive a single microwave polarization and conduct it to the mini LNB for down conversion. The single mode orthogonal feed is generally considered more efficient than the dual mode orthogonal feed due to better impedance matching of the single only mode.

Use this feed if you only desire a single polarization or add a rotator to get both polarizations with the maximum possible C/N ratio.

The extended band feed is available for purchase here and the narrow band (Wimax) is available here.

Adjustable Exterior Wall Mounts Available

We now have adjustable exterior wall mounts available for C-Band dish installations. This mount is designed so that its position can be adjusted beyond the eave of a building. The bottom of the post should be buried in concrete or anchored to a pad.

You can purchase the adjustable exterior wall mounts here.

We have everything you need for every kind of big dish installation. You can view ALL our pole mast and accessory products here.

Mini Actuators for Powered Elevation and Declination

We now stock 6-inch and 12-inch (mini) heavy-duty actuators for powered elevation and declination control of our polar mount mesh antennas. All our mesh antennas sold after 2017 come with the elevation bracket where you attach the (mini) actuator. For powered declination, you will need to purchase the metal bracket kit along with the actuator.

We recommend the 12-inch actuator be used for powered elevation on 350cm or 400cm mesh antennas. We recommend the 6-inch actuator for powered elevation on 240cm and 300cm mesh antennas.

The 6-inch actuator is recommended for powered declination on all our mesh antennas.

An antenna with powered elevation or declination control will help track the satellite arc more accurately or allow you to transform your polar mount dish to an AZ-El mount. A separate VBox positioner or multi-axis positioner is required for control.

Actuators can be purchased here:

and here:

Adding Elevation Control to a C-Band Mesh Dish

If you purchased a consumer C Band mesh dish from us beginning in early 2018, your polar mount probably came with an “L-bracket”. Many of you have been asking us what this part is for?

Quite simply, this part bolts on the dish arm (and on top of the actuator plate) as shown below and allows you to add an actuator arm for elevation control.

The clamp of the actuator bolts to the L-bracket hole and the end of the actuator jack bolts to the collar mount where the threaded rod usually goes.

Why would I need elevation control on a polar mount dish? Good question. It turns out that a polar mount for a satellite dish can only approximately track the Clarke Belt. As you probably know, the elevation (in degrees) is usually set to the latitude of the dish location, thereby making the polar-axis of the mount parallel to the Earth’s polar axis. Then a few degrees of declination is added to tilt the mount slightly downwards so it sees the Clarke Belt.

Unfortunately, unless the dish is located at one of the Earth’s poles (i.e. North or South) or at the equator, the declination required for precisely tracking the Clarke Belt will vary ever so slightly from satellite to satellite. So instead of tracking a perfect circle (i.e. the Clarke Belt) at the equatorial plane, you end up tracking an ellipse that only approximates a circle. The difference is greatest between the zenith and horizon satellites. This is why a polar mount dish can never perfectly track the geostationary satellite arc. If the declination is set accurately for the horizon satellites (i.e. the ellipse and circle intersect at this point), then one finds this same declination is slightly off for the zenith satellites (the ellipse and circle do not quite touch). Most people get around this problem by adding or subtracting a bit of elevation to the mount so it is no longer exactly equal to their latitude. This makes the ellipse a better fit for the circle, but still not perfect. Remember, elevation adjustments have the same effect as declination adjustments for zenith satellites, but little effect for horizon satellites. This works well for most people, but if you want more precise tracking of the Clarke Belt, you need to either motorize the declination or elevation. This lets you change the shape of the ellipse so it touches the circle for every satellite. Makes sense?

Of course if your pole is not perfectly plumb or your dish is not aimed exactly due south, the ellipse you track will be a really bad approximation to the Clarke Belt circle. Again, a bit of motorization on the elevation can rectify the problem and you don’t have to go outside every time and make adjustments manually.

So this is the purpose of the mysterious “L-bracket” included with your dish. If you want to motorize the elevation for your dish, we recommend the following actuator sizes:

13.5ft / 12ft Antenna: 18″ Heavy-Duty Actuator

10ft / 8ft Antenna: 12″ Heavy-Duty Actuator

In the future, you will be able to purchase an azimuth motor for your dish, which will rotate it on the pole. You will then have an AZ-EL dish mount, which is the most precise dish mount possible (pin-point accuracy) and used by the satellite professionals!

Antenna Replacement Parts are now Available

When you purchase an antenna from you never have to worry about finding replacement parts. We now stock spare parts for every antenna we sell, including mounts, panels, arms, collars, declination screws, actuator plates and much more. We also have hard-to-find replacement parts for actuators like reed switches, motors, gears and so on.

Got a problem or missing a part for your big dish? Like a car, your big dish has a lot of mechanical and electrical parts and sooner or later, something will breakdown. When that happens, just search our vast inventory of parts and we’re sure you’ll find what you need to get your big dish up and running again. If you don’t see it on our website, make sure you contact us because we probably have what you need.

Another great service from your BIG DISH SUPERSTORE!

Closed for Christmas Holidays

As 2018 draws to a close, we would like to thank all our valued customers for another profitable year in the TVRO business! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Our store will continue to accept orders over the holidays, but they will not get processed until the new year. We will resume shipping orders again on Jan. 4th, 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!