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 0.75-inch Flexible Corrugated


Organize and protect your satellite cables from the elements and rodents using our inexpensive, flexible, corrugated tubes.

Made of durable polyethylene with a diameter of 0.75-inches. Slit wire loom allows for easy and quick cable bundling.

Note: Use smaller tubing to protect wires/cables coming from the antenna focus. Use cable ties to attach to the feed arms.

Note: Use larger tubing to bundle wires/cables coming from the feed, actuator and other motors. Use cable ties to attach to dish pole.

Note: This product is cut-to-length and priced per foot. Enter the length you require in the QTY box below.


  • Flexible
  • Resistant to elements and extreme temperatures
  • Prevents cable damage


  • Flexible Corrugated tubing cut to size

Price: $1.50 USD

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Technical Specifications 
Material Polyethylene
Diameter 0.75 inches
Flexible Yes
Slit Yes
Temperature -40° to 90° C
Jacket Color Black
Single Box Rectangular

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