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 15.0 Foot (4.5m) C-Band Motorized (Az-El) Mount Mesh Satellite Antenna (Commercial)


Introducing our commercial-grade, heavy-duty, dual-ring, high performance 15.0ft / (4.5m) C/Ku-Band motorized (Az-El) mount prime focus mesh satellite dish with powered skew control. The aesthetic appeal of this mesh dish makes it perfect for urban and rural areas where reliable C-Band reception is required.

This dish is primarily designed for mission critical operations involving tracking satellites in the Clarke Belt, tracking inclined-orbit satellites and radio astronomy research. It is recommended for cable headends, military installations, university astronomy departments, science museums and other organizations that desire a commercial-grade, fully steerable Earth station.

Note: This is our latest model (2022) with heavy-duty mount, superior steel construction, steel rear panel brace support, steel rib construction and thicker gauge steel throughout for unsurpassed structural integrity. Field proven and reliable or your money back!

Note: Requires 7.5" O.D. King Post which is included. Mounts to ground cement pier.

Note: This antenna comes with a dual-ring mount. Please note that some pictures here may not show the 2nd ring.

Note: This antenna is intended for commercial applications. Consumer antennas for home satellite TV reception are available here.

Note: Can be customized to your specifications.

Note: Assortment of feed holders available, including prime-focus, multiple off-axis and according to your specifications.

Note: This is a special order item that is not normally stocked. Please contact us about our next antenna production run so you have a better idea about the delivery date. A 25% initial deposit is required to place an order. Serious inquiries only.


  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Heavy-duty construction including steel ribs for the reflector
  • Powered feed assembly with adjustable horn positioning and reflector illumination
  • Small hole (< 1.2mm) mesh ensures Ku-Band signal reception is just as reliable as C-Band signal reception
  • Heavy-duty 7-inch Slewing Drive for azimuth steering
  • Heavy-duty actuator for elevation steering
  • Multi-axis rack mount or desktop controller
  • Customizable feed holder for any application
  • 2.0mm thick mesh for added strength


  • 12 Mesh Panels
  • Heavy-duty Motorized (Az-El) Mount (Dual-Ring) with brace support
  • Powered Azimuth assembly with 7-inch Slewing Drive and 24V Hall Effect Motor
  • Heavy-duty 24-inch linear actuator
  • Multi-axis controller with pole wiring box
  • King Post
  • Spare 24V Hall Effect Motor
  • Feed Cover
  • Mounting nuts and bolts

Price: $9999.00 USD

(ETA: Please Inquire)


Antenna Construction 
Material Aluminum Mesh / Steel Ribs
Hole size 0.05" (1.2mm)
Panels 12
Rib size 1" (2.54cm) sq.
Powered Feed Yes (360°)
Powered Elevation Yes (0°-90°)
Powered Azimuth Yes (360°)
Aperture Diameter (inner) 177" (450cm)
Focal Length 72.0" (183.0cm)
F/D Ratio 0.37
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Color Black / Glossy Black
Weight 700 lbs
C-Band Gain(@4.2GHz) 44.7dBi (Typ)
Ku_band Gain(@12.2GHz) 53.5dBi (Typ)
C-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth 0.8°
Ku-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth 0.25°
Mounting Type Motorized Az-El Mount
Mount Size 48" (121.9cm) diameter
Dual-Ring Yes
Elevation Angle Range / Resolution 0° to 90° (0.1°)
Azimuth Range / Resolution 0° to 360° (0.1°)
Skew Range / Resolution 0° to 360° (0.1°)
Recommended Pole Dimension ~7.5" (~190mm)
Operational Winds 120km/h
Survival Winds 190km/h
Ambient Temperature -50°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Shipping Details 
Box 1 (Az-El Mount) 50"x50"x16" Rectangular (275 lbs)
Box 2 (Panels) 96"x74"x16" Pie (250 lbs)
Box 3 (Powered Feed) 80"x12"x12" (80 lbs)
Box 4 (Powered Azimuth) 36"x24"x24" (160 lbs)
Box 5 (Powered Elevation) 50"x20"x20" (90 lbs)
Box 6 (King Post) 90"x30"x30" (140 lbs)

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