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 6-inch QARL Heavy-Duty Linear SuperJack Actuator


This is our heavy-duty, 6-inch, 2-inch tube QARL SuperJack Linear Actuator. Recommended for elevation or declination adjustment of polar mount or AZ/EL type dishes.

It is powered by a 36V positioner (sold separately), can handle a maximum load of up to 1200 lbs.

Ever wanted to automatically control the elevation or declination of your dish with the touch of a remote? Ever come across a weak C or Ku transponder that needed just an additional degree of elevation to lock the signal?

This compact, yet heavy-duty actuator is perfect for the job. It easily interfaces with the elevation bracket that comes standard with ALL our dishes sold after 2017.

Now you can track the Clarke Belt with confidence by motorizing a 2nd axis of control in your polar mount dish setup.

NOTE: Actuator color is charcoal black

NOTE: This 6-inch actuator (2019 model) is a stronger version of our previous model with a thicker tube.

NOTE: Recommended for powered elevation control of 240cm or 300cm diameter dishes.

NOTE: Recommended for powered declination control of 300cm, 350cm or 400cm diameter dishes.

NOTE: Requires its own controller or our multi-axis controller.

NOTE: Includes weather rubber accordion boot.


  • 36V motor operation
  • 1200lbs maximum load
  • 6-inch jack extension
  • Single Screw Adjustment Limit
  • Super Reed Sensor
  • Superior anti-rust coating
  • Excellent water proofing


  • 6-inch SuperJack Actuator
  • Actuator clamp and swivel ball assembly
  • Weather Accordion Boot
  • Nuts and Bolts

Price: $199.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Positioner

 SuperJack C-Band Dish Positioner
    [add $159.00 USD]


2. Heater



3. Positioner Cable



4. Anti-Slippage

 Actuator Anti-Slip Clamp Lock
    [add $89.00 USD]


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Input Voltage 36V
Actuator Diameter 2.0" (5.1cm)
Stroke Length 6" (15.2cm)
Elevation Adjustment 0 ~ 50 degrees
Load Rating 550kgs (1200lbs)
Environment -40°C to 60°C
Shipping Details 
Single Box 16"x6"x6" Rectangular (9 lbs)

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