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 90cm (36 inch) Ku-Band Solid Offset Satellite Dish


High performance 90cm (36 inch) Ku-Band pole mount offset solid satellite dish. This is the minimum dish size you need for reliable Ku-Band signal reception in North America. This dish size will receive 95% of North American Ku-Band TV broadcasts and approximately 80% of Central and South American Ku-Band TV broadcasts. It can be used as a stationary dish or fully motorized with an HH motor to track multiple satellites. Use it to receive linear polarization international programming on satellites 30W, 95W, 97W, 113W or the major News and Network Feeds and Programs on 91W, 99W, 103W, 125W or ClaroTV/Shaw Direct/OrbyTV and wild feeds.

You can also add a circular LNBF to track all Dish USA/Dish Mexico/DirecTV/Bell satellites across the arc.

Get them all with this dish and an HH motor (sold separately).

Note: For available channels, please see TVROSat


  • Excellent construction with precise offset parabolic geometry
  • High Ku-Band signal gain
  • Rolled edge for extra strength
  • Includes a standard fit Pole and all hardware for easy installation
  • Minimum size dish for reliable Ku-Band satellite reception


  • 90cm Offset Reflector Dish
  • Mounting Frame
  • 1 5/8
  • LNBF holder
  • Nuts and bolts

Price: $289.00 USD

 Add-on Options

1. Motorization



2. Feed



3. Receiver

 Edision OS MIO+ 4K UHD
    [add $269.00 USD]


4. Coaxial Cable



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Antenna Construction 
Material Galvanized Steel
Offset Angle 24.6
Diameter Short Axis 36" (91.4cm)
Diameter Long Axis 39" (99.1cm)
Ku_band Gain(@12.2GHz) 40.1dBi (Typ)
Aperture Efficiency 80% (min)
Mounting Type Ground and Pole Wall Mount
Adjustment Type Azimuth and Elevation
Elevation Angle Range 5 to 80
Azimuth Range 0 to 360
Declination Adjustment 0 to 10
Pole Diameter 1.63" (4.14cm)
Operational Winds 90km/h
Survival Winds 180km/h
Ambient Temperature -50C to +60C
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Shipping Details 
Single Box 40"x40"x3" Rectangular (20 lbs)

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