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 Actuator Motor Housing (Heavy Duty)


This is a replacement motor housing for heavy-duty Superjack Actuators (18-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch).

Why spend money on a new actuator? Simply unbolt the old housing and install this new one and your actuator jack will be as good as new!

Note: Works for heavy-duty (2-inch tube) actuators only. Will not work on a regular-duty (1.5-inch tube) actuator.

Note: Fixes problems related to broken gears, burned out motors, damaged reed switches and malfunctioning limit switches.

Note: This product will NOT fix broken teeth on the acme screw causing erratic jack movements and excess play. In this case, you should purchase a new actuator.


  • Single-bolt installation
  • 36V motor operation
  • Excellent water proofing


  • Actuator Motor Housing

Price: $189.00 USD

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Input Voltage 36V
Actuator Types Heavy Duty 2.0" (5.1cm)
Actuator Size 18" (45.7cm) to 48" (121.9cm)
Max Load Rating 1000kgs (2225lbs)
Environment -40°C to 60°C
Shipping Details 
Single Box 10"x8"x8" Rectangular (10 lbs)

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