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 C-Band Dual Focus Scalar Ring


Dual scalar ring for prime focus C-Band satellite dish. Use it to mount 2 LNBFs on a single dish.

Possible applications include reception from 2 adjacent satellites using a single stationary dish or reception of both linear and circular satellite signals on a motorized dish by installing two different LNBFs(e.g. Linear LNBF and Circular LNBF).

Other possible applications include simultaneous reception of C-band and Ku-band signals with negligible signal attenuation.

NOTE 1: LNBs are sold separately.

NOTE 2: Attaches to 3 LNB support rods. If your dish has 4 support rods, remove one and space the remaining three equidistant around the dish rim and bolt the rods so that the scalar ring axis is aligned with the satellite arc (Clarke Belt).

NOTE 3: Recommended for 240cm,300cm,350cm and 400cm mesh dishes.


  • Precision cast-aluminum construction


  • Dual Focus Scalar Ring
  • Mounting Screws

Price: $79.00 USD

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Material Cast Aluminum
Finish Durable flake-resistant coating
Shipping Details 
Single Box 8"x5"x1" Rectangular (< 1 lbs)

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