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 C-Band Quad Focus Scalar Ring


This is a quad scalar ring for a prime focus C-Band satellite dish. Use it to mount up to 4 LNBFs on a single dish.

Possible applications include reception from 4 adjacent satellites using a single stationary dish (e.g. 121W, 125W, 127W, 131W) or reception of both linear and circular satellite signals on a motorized dish by installing two different LNBFs(e.g. Linear LNBF and Circular LNBF).

Other possible applications include simultaneous reception of C-band and Ku-band signals with negligible signal attenuation by separating the bands.

This scalar ring will allow you to receive every type of satellite signal:FTA C-band (North America), FTA C-band (Latin America), FTA Ku-band, Dish, DirecTV, Bell, Claro, etc.

NOTE 1: LNBs are sold separately.

NOTE 2: Attaches to 4 LNB support rods. You may have to retrofit your support rods equidistant around the dish rim in such a way that the scalar ring axis is aligned with the satellite arc (Clarke Belt) for optimum reception.

NOTE 3: Recommended for 300cm, 350cm and 400cm mesh dishes.


  • Precision cast-aluminum construction


  • Quad Focus Scalar Ring
  • Mounting Screws

Price: $99.00 USD

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Material Cast Aluminum
Finish Durable flake-resistant coating
Shipping Details 
Single Box 12"x8"x2" Rectangular (< 1 lbs)

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