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 Hall Effect Motor


Replacement 24V DC motor with Hall effect sensor used in our powered declination, azimuth and skew control kits.

NOTE: Requires a controller to count Hall Effect pulses and provide power to the motor. We recommend using a Raspberry Pi as the controller and any 24V DC power supply. You may also use a modified SuperJack/VBox II type positioner to interpret the pulses. However, we do not provide any electronics or programming assistance. Commercial controllers are available but are quite expensive.

NOTE: Wire connections are indicated in the technical specifications below. Do NOT mix up power wires with sensor wires.


  • 0.1 degree of precision
  • Two quadrature output square pulse sensor signals


  • 24V DC motor with Hall Effect Sensor
  • Nuts and bolts

Price: $299.00 USD

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Rated Voltage 24V DC
Rated Current < 2.5A
Operating Voltage 5-24V DC
Precision ~0.1 degrees
Gear Ratio 580:1
Noise < 65 dB
IP Class IP55
Environment -40°C to 60°C
Output type Voltage output (quadrature)
Pull up resistor Yes
Phase Quadrature 90 degrees
Pin 1 (black) Motor-
Pin 2 (red) Motor+
Pin 3 (gray) Hall-
Pin 4 (brown) Hall+
Pin 5 (blue) Hall A
Pin 6 (orange) Hall B
Pin 7 (green) GND
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Single Box 16"x6"x6" Rectangular (14 lbs)

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