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 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Tray


This is a single, modular, NPRM tray used in our consumer and commercial non-penetrating roof mounts.

After purchasing one of our NPRM kits, you can add additional trays as required or to spread the roof ballast load. Can be added in T or I layout.

Heavy gauge steel fabrication, chip and rust resistant, gloss-black finish.

Note: Use 16" x 8" x 8" concrete blocks (36 lbs each) or 24" x 24" x 1.5" stones (75 lbs each) as ballast to weigh down trays.

Note: Maximum 450 lbs ballast weight recommended for each tray. Concrete blocks or stones can be stacked on multiple levels.

Note: To minimize roof load, purchase additional modular trays and spread the load.

Note: Antennas, concrete blocks and stones are NOT included.


  • Economical modular solution for NPRM installations
  • Expandable in T or I layout
  • Heavy gauge steel fabrication
  • Tested for survivability


  • Single Modular Tray
  • One inch Styrofoam Pad
  • Nuts and Bolts

Price: $329.00 USD

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Modular Tray 
Material Steel
Dimensions 4ft x 2ft (121.9cm x 60.1cm)
Thickness 0.24 inches (0.61cm)
Weight 100 lbs
Finish Gloss-black
Anchor Bolts 
Modular Tray bolt size 5/8 inches (1.59cm)
Modular Tray bolt size 3/8 inches (0.95cm)
Shipping Details 
Box 1 50"x6"x6" (56 lbs)
Box 2 24"x20"x4" (44 lbs)

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