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 Powered Azimuth Kit


Introducing our powered azimuth kit with 3-inch slewing drive and Hall Effect motor. Add azimuth motor control to any of our 3.0m or larger mesh antennas.

Simply un-mount your mesh antenna from the pole and install our powered azimuth kit over your pole and tighten the cap bolts. Re-mount your dish over the powered azimuth pole and lock it down. Nothing else needs to be done. Your antenna will now have powered azimuth control over a range of 360 degrees.

Powered azimuth control along with powered elevation control will transform your polar or fixed antenna into an Az-El antenna which is useful for tracking satellites in any part of the sky! A powered Az-El mount can also be used for radio astronomy, solar tracking and other projects.

NOTE: Requires a controller to count Hall Effect pulses and provide power to the motor. We recommend using a Raspberry Pi as the controller and any 24V DC power supply. You may also use a modified SuperJack/VBox II type positioner to interpret the pulses. However, we do not provide any electronics or programming assistance. Commercial controllers are available but are quite expensive.

NOTE: Fits poles with an inner diameter between 3 to 4.5 inches. The ideal pole dimension is 4.5 inches.

NOTE: You are responsible for setting physical and software limits to prevent any damage to the antenna.

NOTE: You can add powered elevation (Az-El) with a linear actuator (sold separately).

NOTE: Wire connections are indicated in the technical specifications below. Do NOT mix up power wires with sensor wires.


  • Heavy-duty 3-inch slewing drive
  • Hall Effect motor for accurate tracking
  • Thick gauge steel used for extra strength
  • Track the entire sky


  • Pole adapter steel parts
  • 3-inch heavy-duty slewing drive
  • 24 VDC Hall Effect Motor
  • Nuts and bolts

Price: $699.00 USD

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Slewing Drive Size 3.0" (7.6cm)
Azimuth Range 0 ~ 360 degrees
Azimuth Resolution ~0.1 degrees
Pole Diameter Size 3 - 4.5 inches
Environment -40°C to 60°C
Slew Drive 
Rated Output Speed 0.05 rpm
Gear Ratio 62:1
Precision ~0.1 degrees
Output Torque 614 N.m (453 lbf.ft)
Tilting Moment 1100 N.m (811 lbf.ft)
Holding Torque 2000 N.m (1475 lbf.ft)
Static Axial Load Rating 30 kN (6750 lbf)
Static Radial Load Rating 16.6 kN (3735 lbf)
Output type Voltage output (quadrature)
Pull up resistor Yes
Phase Quadrature 90 degrees
Pin 1 (black) Motor-
Pin 2 (red) Motor+
Pin 3 (gray) Hall-
Pin 4 (brown) Hall+
Pin 5 (blue) Hall A
Pin 6 (orange) Hall B
Pin 7 (green) GND

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