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 Single C-Band (Wimax) Orthogonal Feedhorn with mini LNB


This is a single output orthogonal C-Band feed horn with anti-interference Wimax filter used for the reception of either Vertical or Horizontal microwaves. It includes a mini Gardiner (anti-interference) LNB which bolts to the end of the waveguide.

If your antenna is located near a wireless tower transmitting power in the 3.5-3.7 GHz microwave band, it will overwhelm the small amount of power coming from the communications satellite resulting in signal interference.

Symptoms of Wimax interference include: complete signal degradation on some satellites or partial signal degradation on a single polarization and normal performance on the other polarization. To combat such intereference, this LNB utilizes a 2nd order band-pass filter between 3.7-4.2 GHz and rejects all noise sources below 3.7 GHz.

It is designed to receive a single microwave polarization and conduct it to the mini LNB for down conversion.

Note: This feed horn setup is typically used by cable head-ends. If you only require a single polarization, use this feed horn to get the maximum possible C/N.

Note: More efficient than a dual orthogonal feed due to better impedance matching and less cross-polarization interference.

Note: Use a feed rotator to tune both polarizations if necessary.

Note: Includes the feed horn and mini LNB for a complete single polarization solution.


  • Precision cast-aluminum construction
  • Thick, commercial quality scalar ring
  • Low-noise mini LNB
  • Anti-interference Filter
  • Fits under most feed covers


  • Single Mode C-Band Feedhorn
  • Scalar Ring
  • Gardiner mini (anti-interference) LNB
  • Weather seals
  • Mounting Screws

Price: $129.00 USD

(ETA: Unknown due to Supply Chain Disruption)


Material Aluminum
Color Cool Grey
Finish Durable flake-resistant coating
C-Band Polarity Linear (Vertical or Horizontal)
L.O. Frequency 5150 MHz
L.O. Stability 1.0MHz (Typ)
RF Input 3.7GHz - 4.2GHz
RF Output 950MHz - 1750MHz
C-Band Gain ~65dB (Typ)
Noise Figure ~14K - 17K (Typ)
L.O. Phase Noise 65dBc/Hz @1kHz (Min)
Input VSWR 2:1
Output Connector 75 Ohm F Type
Shipping Details 
Single Box 12"x8"x6" Rectangular (5 lbs)

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