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 XCruiser XH240 H-H Motor


This is the perfect H-H motor to motorize your Ku-Band offset dish.

It is designed to drive Ku-Band dishes up to 1.2m at very high speed using the DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS communication protocols and is compatible with all modern digital receivers.

Use it to track Ku-Band satellites from SAT15W to SAT125W and receive hundreds of ethnics channels, HD network broadcasts/feeds and many other programs.


  • Compatible with all DiSEqC receivers
  • Go to
  • High speed and precise
  • 100 positions
  • Manual Control East-West Button
  • Easy to install with LED indicator


  • XH240 H-H Motor
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Nuts and Bolts

Price: $139.00 USD

(ETA: Unknown due to Supply Chain Disruption)


Operating Protocol DiSEqC1.2 and USALs
Programmable Positions 100
Maximum Dish Size 120cm
Maximum Dish Weight 18kg (40lbs)
Pole Support Diameter 2" to 3.3" (5cm to 8.3cm)
Dish Support Diameter 2.1" (5.4cm)
Speed 3.2° per sec
Azimuth Angle 160°
Elevation Angle 5° to 75°
Calibration Function Yes
Mechanical Limits Yes
Software Limits Yes
Fine Tuning Yes
Power 6.3W Max, 0.4W Standy-by
Operating Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Shipping Details 
Single Box 14"x7"x5" Rectangular (9 lbs)

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